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Lupo with A/C


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I am after buying a Lupo TDi just wondering if any where madwe with A/C?

Plus is there anything scary to watch out for?

When is the cambelt change due? plus is it expensive?

Is there a buyers guide anywhere?

Many thanks


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A/C wasn't standard on any Lupo's, and in the UK it was an eye-watering £940 option so it is very, very rare to find it fitted although it seems more common on GTI's than others. I'd get a quote for a retro-fit which could be near £1K, but you would get about £400 back come resale time.

If you really want A/C I'd consider looking at an earlier A2 but then I would say that wouldn't I grin.gif

As for running costs, the 1.4TDI shares an engine with my A2 - VW dealers are cheaper than Audi dealers but I think the cambelt change on my A2 is £350 and I'm sure the VW price saves £100 on this. I'm not sure about the intervals as they keep on messing about with these on the A2 - earlier versions of the engine were every 60K/ 6 years, my Service book suggests 80K/ 8 yrs but I have just been told this is now revised to 4 years 40K!

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