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virosol what do you use yours for


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lol! Probably good for that too.

I know I keep mentioning this and I promise that this will be the last time...

Virosol is a fairly generic delimonene based cleaner. It is a natural cleaner/degreaser that is also fairly ph neutral hence why it's good on wheels. If you can't find Virosol locally then any delimonene (orange based) cleaner will do the same job just make sure you read the dilution details on the back of the container. Janitorial suppliers (they specialise in supplies to the cleaning trade) will be your best bet because then you can by in amounts such as 5l or more. I would avoid delimonene cleaners available on the High Street though. I believe Mr Muscle and a few others do one. It is likely that these products will contain additives that are harmful to eg alloys. Fine on your cooker, not so fine on your OZ Super Leggera.

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