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[Audi A3/S3] s3 buying advice


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Welcome aboard fella. You should get a few people replying in due course. What I'd recommend is a little searching on this forum too as the question has been posed many times.

You'll see regular threads like

Coil Packs (should already have been done on warranty at the age you're looking at)/ MAF's / ARB's / Rear wash wipe / Tyre choice...

The 225 bhp came out towards the end of 2001 IIRC. The earlier models are cheaper to insure and once you've chipped / remapped it, the power is the same. I had a facelifted one on 210 bhp which had the new interior and badges. To be honest you'd be hard pushed to notice the extra 15 horses and some conspiracy theorists believe it was always 225 anyway..;-)

The only things I'd think of are;

1) Buy the best car you can (least # of owners, as each owner tends to run the car on a tigher budget generally).

2) Take your time & choose carefully - there should be a decent # about now.

3) Decide on your colour - Lots of silver & black which look lovely if a little anonymous. Red, Yellow and Blue look beautiful if a little more of an acquired taste.

4) Spec is critical, leather, Bose, Accoustic parking, FCAR, Alloy wing mirrors, heated seats, are all lovely. Not sold on Sunroofs as they cut down on headroom (I'm tall!)

5) Tuning - the car takes moderate tuning well as long as it's been looked after. Whatever you but check it's had a decent life, what tyres is it on? lots of bills for oil changes etc. The running costs are not low but for the performance they're pretty good.

Whatever it's a lot easier to live with during the winter than the Vx220!

Good luck & happy hunting.

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