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leds again


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These useless sidelight leds have gone again, this time only lasting 2 months (previous ones lasted just over a year). Thought they were improved! Anybody else with similar problems? Think I will go back to ordinary sides!

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Yep. Mine lasted less than a year. Of the four small LEDs in each unit, 2 had gone in the RHS, and 3 in the LHS. I've gone back to the factory halogen globes that were originally fitted where a normal MkIV would have parking globes. (OSRAM make them if you need to find them).

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Yes I am giving up with Ultraleds! What a company. The N/S led has lasted 2 months & they want me to send it back before replacement! I asked if they expected me to run around with no sidelights until replacements arrived & they said it was not company policy to replace before the faulty ones were sent back! I said to them it might be company policy but what about goodwill, customer service & reputation! So be warned they are really interested if their faulty bulbs fail!

Back to the pain of digging around the engine compartment to fit new bulbs again!

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