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leaking coolant...


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guys, I am new and desperately need help here. Just got an A4 from car giant last monday and today after work noticed a wet patch below the car. Turned on the engine and it didn't hesitate to show me the coolant warning... The coolant level is way below the MIN level but i drove 40miles home with the warning, i must be nuts! I am still trying to convince myself that i have not got a lemon from Car giant confused.gif Cooling system is covered under Car Protect insurance, so i will definitely ring them up tomorrow. Also I will top up the level tomorrow as I need to travel another 80 miles!

OK here's the Q:

-is it common to have this problem in A4?

-any similar experience, anyone?

- or what do think could be the problem ?

- does it 'represents' a bigger problem ?

- Also, anyone bought their used car along with Car protect insurance ? any success story to claim the repair from them ? is it a painful process?

many thanks!


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It's 2001 2.0 Petrol.

I bought a blue antifreeze coolant from Tesco on the way back, thinking to top up with that tomorrow. Luckly i read the the post saying that the pink coolant should not mix with any other type! That's close.

So i will just use water tomorrow and hunt for G12 A8D (TL-VW 774D). Do you know where I can get this easily?

Also, I will check for leak tomorrow once there's a good sunlight.

I would really interested to hear if anyone has any experience dealing with car protect. Cheers

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Cant help with Car Protect but mine often looses fluids on the drive. I brought it back to Audi 3 times who pressure tested it, and it never happens. To be fair, it only seems to be when the car is on a slope, as I can leave it at the airport for 3 weeks and its fine, park it on the drive and it will leave a wet patch.

After a while I gave up trying and just remember to top it up once a month. Not the point, but you just learn to live with somethings.

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didn't mean to circle around this topic for too long

can i ask if the cap (for coolant) doesn't screw properly (not all the way to the end), will that cause the coolant to leak due to pressure?

i suspect that may have happened as it leaked the next day after i un-cap and didn't put it back properly.

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Got exactly the same problem with my A4 1.8T 2002 also bought from cargiant!!! I've taken the car to a garage and they have found the fault to be the thermostat holder which sits behind the engine about half way down. I've been on the phone to the cargiant warranty people (f***ing useless they are) and the part is not covered by the warranty. I've bought the part from audi - cost a tenner, but havent got it fitted yet. I've ben told by the garage that they need to take apart the top half of the engine to replace the leaking part but i'm not gonna let any old garage near my engine. Either gonna get main dealer to fit it or find an audi speacialist.

Hope that helps.



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