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Space in a Coupe


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Hi all,

Apologies for a random post...but can anyone shed some light on how "roomy" (excuse the wording) the 3-series coupe is?

Does the model have enough space to carry a family of 4 Adults (all are under 6ft in height) say up and down the motorway (say a 400 mile round trip) in comfort?

Im particular looking at a 325 or a 330 Sport Coupe

Cheers 169144-ok.gif


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I went in mine from MK to Old Trafford recently with 3 other adults, I'm 6'4" and the others are shorter (bless 'em!) wink.gif but we all had enough room. It's no Maybach but does the job.

It all depends of course on how often they're going to be doing trips 4 up. Plus how lithe and lissom they are. If you've got a group of rugby players (prop forwards) / geriatrics / people who insist on reading quality newspapers then you may struggle.

You might not want to do the whole run there in one sitting. You've got to get yourself a cup of joe to keep you alert!


If you really need the space, get a 5 series. They still look very nice!

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