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Whilst fitting my beautiful, shiny refurbed wheels the other week, I noticed that my front pads are getting a bit low and could do with changing soon(ish)

As I'm 'doing' Silverstone on the 10th October I was thinking about changing them beforehand.

a) is this a good idea, seeing as I am likley to only do a couple of hundred miles before the 10th (including the drive from Essex to the track)?


b) any recommendations i.e. EBC Red/Greenstuff or bog-standard VW OEM's?

Danke Schoen

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Will the pasds last the track day? No idea - don't see any reason why not but I think I'll probably change them to be on the safe side.

So RedStuff or greenstuff?

[/ QUOTE ]

Redstuffs are for the R32. apparently greenstuffs are suitable for the heavy R32.

Not sure if redstuffs and OEM discs work well. A friend of mine warped his discs within 1000 miles, I've hard that they eat into the discs,

BUT thats from him only, not sure if anyone else has had any problems with this combo on an R32

VW charge £170 for the pads, and apparently they are exactly the same pads as fitted to older BMW 7series, so u can pick them up for around £30-40.

theres a complete list of suitable R32 replacement pads on uk-mkivs.net

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check out this thread

Search is good 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Good call, mate 169144-ok.gif

Does anyone have the combination of Tarox grooved discs & Pagid RS44 pads?

Apparently the Ferrodo DS2500 pads won't fit the R32.

My R is booked in at Jabbasport to have it's Milltek & the above brakes fitted soon. They are looking into remaps too, since they have had lots of enquiries from R32 owners.

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