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Buying a used S Need advice....


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Probably not from a Porsche dealer at the age / price? - if so what sort of warranty is being offered with it. One of the common things is the Rear Main Oil seal (RMS)failing - again at that age/mileage this shoukd probably have happened if it were going to - but look for any signs of oil spillage on the ground below the rear of the engine area. If it has a plastic rear window, inspect the condition carefully - if it hasn't been relgiously folded using the "chop" then it will be creased in the middle - these can eventually split (and don't ever try folding it below 5 Degrees C!. Also check that the electric hood folds properly and that the rear deck sits back down flush each time. Other than that ensure it has a full service history - I think they were every 12K at that time. G/Box linkages can get a bit stiff too, but this is rare I believe. Finally, the facelifted cars came out on a 52 plate, if you can find one in your price range these are much better - another 10 horses, louder noise, small interior tweaks and best of all an excellent new hood with a glass heated rear window!!

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