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golf tdi 130 engine cutting out


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PLease can anyone help me. I drive a golf tdi 130 2002 45000 miles, vw serviced. Problem: Intermittant engine cut out when at a junction or roundabout (ie, almost stopped) Engine will subsequently turn over but not fire. Called RAC out 4 times and they can start the car by taking off a breather pipe on the right hand side of the engine(as you look at it) and injecting 'easystart' into the engine side of the pipe. Car runs perfectly after that and then cuts out again a few weeks later. Have replaced air mass sensor and another sensor. No engine management fault is logged when it happens. RAC man thinks its something to do with fuel, VW garage haven't a clue!! I really need to get it fixed as its so dangerous when it cuts out because of the busy roads etc. Thank you in anticipation

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First off, Graham, next time the helpful RAC man tries to squirt Easystart or anything like that in your car, tell him to feck off. That's not the way to fix problems, and all it'll do is bend conrods and stuff.

Now on to the technical stuff. When it quits:

If you turn the key off and then back on, does the glow plug light for a split second or does it stay off? Check this when it's working fine so you know what it should do. If the glowplug light doesn't work, then replace the relay numbered 109 on the relay board. It might look like 601 if you're upside down trying to see it. They're only £20 or so from the dealers, so it might be worth having one ready for when it stalls next time, or replace it anyway.

Second thing to check is an air flap in the air intake. Commonly known as an anti shudder valve, it closes off the air supply for about 5 seconds when you turn the key off so that it stalls the engine and stops it shuddering to a halt. This could be sticking, or have a loose flap somehow, and might be jumping shut on low tickover. Not highly likely and I don't know if it's possible in your case, but they can stick shut and not allow the car to start. Symptoms are a brief turn over when you try and restart, then stalls again.

Third thing to check is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve (EGR). This could be gunked up and sticking. Again, I'm not sure if it would cause your car to stall, but it's worth a go. My money is on the relay 109 to be honest.

Fourth thing is don't let the RAC man use Easy start. It burns way too fast (read explodes) and will bend your con rods if it gets ignited in the wrong time and place. If you disregard anything else I say, heed this.

Fifth thing is to try a dealer who knows what the're talking about. grin.gif

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Relay 109 is the main power relay for the ECU. The solder joints used to crack and fail when they got warm and cut power to the ECU. The car just stopped. After a few minutes or half an hour or so, it'd restart and carry on. No fault codes stored in the cars memory either, cos the ecu didn't know there'd been a fault.

The big give away is the glow plug light which is driven directly from the ecu. If that doesn't come on, the ecu isn't telling it to because it's not got any power. 169144-ok.gif

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