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2.5 TDi 6 speed manual gearbox - judder / notchy


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Hello all,

Tried posting in the A4 forum, but no replies so thought it may be worth a try here, as this engine is fitted to more than just the A4...

My car is now 3 years old (31,000 miles), so put into Audi for a few final warranty items to be carried out.

Mentioned again (first mentioned on the service 4 months ago, but was told all was as it should be) that I thought the gear selection between 1st and 2nd was very notchy, and also 2nd and 3rd (although not as bad). Also think I can feel a very slight judder first thing in the morning, but it is only slight, and may be all in my head.

I picked up the car, with the majority of the faults sorted, plus a few scratches (foc!!) to the gear surround done whilst fitting a new head unit .... it really does annoy me why don't they come clean and admit when they've done something wrong, rather than me having to spot it later on. Anyway, they have told me that they will order a new flywheel and clutch under warranty.

Has anyone else had this problem and work carried out, and my main question being "DID IT ACTUALLY FIX THE PROBLEM?"

I really don't want the car stripped down for all this work if it isn't necessary (I've worked in the trade in the past, and it worries me when I see the number of bolts and fittings left over after a job like this.

Thank you.

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I had my box changed twice under warranty. blush.gif

I thought the chage from 1st to 2nd was bad, felt like a sticky syncro.

I demo'ed a new model while mine was being fixed and thought the new one was as bad. blush.gif

My conclusion is audi manual box fitted to these cars are slow and notchy whatever the dealers do. UHOH7.GIF

ps you only get a new box if its less than 3k miles over that you get a recon, that what the service manager told me ROLLEY~14.GIF

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If it's any consolation I had a E220 (Current shape) from new with a 6 speed box and big box problems!

In the first winter from cold I could not get it into reverse (Kinda harsh when you have to reverse out of your garage at 6.00am!) without a lot of grief including stopping/starting the engine, selecting first/second then reverse in pretty much random order until it worked.

Being new I took it to the local MB garage who initally claimed there was nothing wrong (turned out on the first occation it was parked in the workshop overnight!) and on the second occation returned the car claiming 'Yes it is a bit notchy, it's a feature of the manual gearbox - you should have got an auto!" - You can imagine my response to the survey I got a few weeks later...

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paul - hi I had the same thought on getting mine and asked the dealer to check it out

they replied there was nothing wrong and have got used to it, but still think its notchy and sometimes have to conciously slow the change to make it smooth

i do find the box very low geared and think the torque of the 2.5 would have been better suited to a 5 speed ??


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This concurs with what I've been told in the past by the Audi dealership.

I also seem to remember reading an article in the past about the engine mounts being quite soft, and that this combined with the relatively short gearing of the 6 speed, is why the problem is sometimes visible on this model.

Still not sure whether to have the work done or not .... think I'll try to arrange a test drive in a similar model to compare the gear change and then make a decision after that.

Thanks for all your help.

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If its any help, I had the very same problems and complaints with my 2005 2.0TDI S-Line (12,000 miles). From delivery I felt the clutch was very coarse and gearbox was notchy. After numerous returns, they admitted the gearbox was notchier than it should be. The solution was to change the oil to higher graded lower viscosity gearbox oil used in a TT. Initially I felt it especially notchy in 1-4th and fine in 5-6th, while the oil change did help, I’m not convinced how long the solution will last as the oil begins to degrade.

As for the clutch, again they admitted it was coarse and changed the flywheel and clutch assy. The loan car they leant me was an identical car with 1500miles. While the clutch was not as bad as my own it was still coarse. When I picked my own up with the clutch changed, initially it was completely different and very smooth. About 100-200 miles later much the same as the loan car, but not as bad as it was previously.

The notchy gear change and clutch seems to be another “feature” of the A4, to add to the list of others –

Noise from power steering when manovering (Audi response was they know it’s a problem and Audi are aware of it but have no solution, but don’t worry its not a safety issue)

Hesitation and stammering when lightly accelerating

Rough idle when taking out of gear approaching traffic lights

Excessive smoke when starting or accelerating (acknowledged others had mentioned the same)

Lazy starter symptoms, especially when cold have to hold the starter on for second after engine has already started.

3 foot of cable trailing the ground (turned out to be previous owner towbar wiring which Audi just cut the wires and left them in)

I know I am being picky, but expect an Audi to live up to its promise of quality and reliability, I had an A3 previously and in 4 yrs driving never had a single complaint, yet within 3 mths of owning this one have had it back 6+ times.

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I seem to have the same problem with my 1.9TDi (2004)

I find, on occasions, from 2nd to 3rd it 'slips' and on a couple of occasions it doesn't engage in 1st - I have to put it in 2nd and then back up into 1st.

The car is still under warranty so going to get it checked out on Monday - the dealership said they'll need to take it for a spin.

I'll let you know how I get on but I've got a funny feeling they'll say 'it seems fine to me' confused.gifconfused.gif


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I have a problem on my 2.5tdi Quattro, when pulling away in 1st gear from standstill whilst turning a corner there is some judder through the car. this only happens when pulling away with the wheels turned and is fine when pulling away straight ahead. Is this due to the quattro?

mine is 6 speed btw

any ideas please before I go back to the dealers.


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Hi there,

This is my first post and have read with interest your problems with the manual six speed boxes.

I've got a 2004 A6 2.4 with the six speed box and sometimes have difficulty in engaging 1st. I understood from reviews in the press that the gearbox was notchy anyway although didn't expect any trouble selecting 1st!!

I owned a A4 Avant 1.8T previously and had no problems at all probably due to the fact it was a 5 speed. The only thing that needed attention on that was a failed boot locking mechanism and a rattle in the dash.

To date I've had various rattles rectified, a camshaft sensor replaced, alloy wheel hubs replaced and a squeeky clutch pedal lubricated (which drove me nuts).

Think I'll mention this when its next booked in for a service.

Have any of you experienced problems engaging 1st gear?


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Well, the car was dropped of last Monday to have the clutch and flywheel replaced, plus a couple of other warranty issues. In and out in a couple of minutes and left in a nice new courtesy car. Received a call Tuesday afternoon requesting to keep the car a further day as a couple of addition clips needed ordering to cure an annoying squeak with the drivers lumber support. This was no problem, and sure enough got a call early Wednesday morning to say all the work was done.

My wife collected the car and drove it home (reporting it was now much nicer to drive). Took the car for a test run myself and there is a definite improvement. The gear change, whilst I would never describe as silky smooth is much, much better. Previously I had been beginning to think it was all in my head. I do think the car has also taken a little getting used too .... guess it's the combination of short gearing and large amounts of torque from the TDi engine. Overall I'm now happy with the cars gear change's.

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Have just booked mine in, going in next friday.

They want £10 for a courtesy car now. I was pretty disgusted tbh. They said it was something to do with the insurance company, load of rubish IMO

[/ QUOTE ]

Which dealer was that? I recently had a courtesy from Teesside Audi and there was no charge, although the excess was £1000 tongue.gif

Good thing I didn't crash it!

I think I'd be heading for another dealer if I was you...

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