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Top marks to AmD and Milltek


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I've run the full Milltek inc the sports cats on my Mk4 with the AmD Stage 4 upgrade for just over 50K miles now and, to date, no problems.

About a month ago, I noticed a nasty rattling that sounded like some of the baffles in the rear silencer had worked loose, especially noticeable when the car is started from cold in the morning and kicks up to 1200 rpm until it decides to settle back to standard tickover.

One call to Milltek to check it was covered by the lifetime guarantee (yes) and one trip up the A34 from sunny Dorset to sunny Bicester and AmD replaced the rear silencer (no new tailpipes though frown.gif ) and all of the clamps on the system, as it was fitted before Milltek started providing galvanised clamps.

Exhuust is back to its more rounded sound now and is a tad louder, which is a good thing, because I was leaning heavily back towards refitting the straight through centre section again... ROLLEY~14.GIF

All in, I'm pleased that both Milltek and AmD get the idea of customer service and no quibbles warranty 169144-ok.gif

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Check the heat plate just before the engine manifold section of the exhaust. If the spot welds break, the plate ends up resting on the pipes going to the rear silencers.

The main symptom is a light rattling noise when cool, as the pipes heat up the rattle diminishes. A temporary cure is to stuff the gap between plate and pipes with some wire wool, the fix is £15 worth of spot welding to secure the plate back in place so it's not resting on the pipes

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