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Hi I have a 406 coupe d8 2 litre 1998 model the pr


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Hi I have a 406 coupe d8 2 litre 1998 model the problem I have is that the engine will not start , after I the electrician had a look he told me that the ecu needs replacement because the ecu doesn’t give signal to the relay that controls the injector and the fuel pump, i wanted to ask the following questions

1. can I buy a second hand ecu and program it to my key or program the key to the second hand ecu

2. also how can I read the immobilizer code off the ecu or the key (if you know anyone that can do this please email or send my a private message )

the reason I am asking all this is because I have been to the dealer and they told me that they want 500 pounds to get me a new ecu and program it to the ecu .But I know for sure that this can be done by an expert electrician as I faced a similar fault back in my country Greece last year and the electrician just programmed a new key on the ecu , I have called around my area but no one would do it .i am in the north east please help me with this :<:< I am offering 250 pounds cash on the spot to any electrician that can do this .i am at Newcastle upon tyne I am not local I am a student so I don’t have the connections and I don’t know where to look or search , I am already look at yellow pages

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