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[Audi A3/S3] Dump Sound


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This might be not a problem, but I just thought I'd check.

I noticed last night that when I change gear on hard acceleration there's a dump valve sound. I thought my 1.8T Q has a divertor valve, so therefore no air release sound should be heard. Do this signify an air leak?

It's quiet, so quiet in fact that it can only be heard with the radio off and all windows up. This might be the reason I've never heard it before.

Am I worrying over nowt? grin.gif

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I had the AMD valve which worked fine, but as Paul says it needs servicing and I could'nt be bothered with that, plus I didnt have a service kit from AMD either and then I noticed it was starting to stick a bit when changing gear so I went back to the OEM valve, which has never failed on my chipped car as yet.


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