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Holiday In November


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I need a holiday....bad. After 3.5 weeks in South America back in March, I'm left with bugger all holiday allowance. I've got 5 days which I intend on using mid-November. Where to go? Hmmm... Ideally somewhere not too far away and ideally somewhere relatively cheap!

We like the outdoors - walking, hiking etc. We like culture and history etc. My idea of hell would be somewhere like Majorca - I am NOT a beach person!! laugh.gif

Some ideas we have had - Italian Lakes, Scotland, Wales, Poland, Iceland.....

Can anyone offer any ideas/info?



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Somewhere not too far and cheap - Bulgaria......

Go to Sofia (capital if you didnt know) for 2 nights, go shopping, walking or skiing on the mountain, then hop on the train and go to Plovdiv for some stunning ancient architecture etc. From there, jump on the narrow gauge railway to Bansko, up in the hills. If you are into skiing, jump on them as there should be a good covering of snow by then, or just go walking in the area, eagle spotting etc. etc.

Bulgaria is v cheap, except accommodation, but i have a few good websites that should help you out....! 169144-ok.gif

Failing that, possibly French Riviera (nice climate). Not as expensive as people think, if you know where to go!!! (well, where NOT to go!) Depends what you are after!! 169144-ok.gif

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My Dad has just got back from two weeks in Rovinj, Croatia and loved the place 169144-ok.gif, the weather was good to. More likely to be around 15deg in November though.


Above is a link to the place they stayed, it is on the coast. You fly to a place called Pula which is only 40 mins drive to the hotel.

The took a boat trip over to Venice.

One of Roman Abramovich's yachts "Ecstasea" was also spotted in the area so it can't be that bad a place to go to.


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