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[Audi A3/S3] Can't believe I'm doing this... S3 for sale


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If I cannot sell car for a resonable price and I decide to part-ex car, then I will consider letting you have the mirrors for a good price.

After all, the part-ex price is normally based on the market value in the Glass guide, which does not take into account any factory options, so why should the money grabbing thief of a dealer get the extra goodies for nothing !! wink.gif

I will add picces of car to the Gallery at the weekend. Its had to find time to wash and polish the car with a new baby around the house !! UHOH7.GIF

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The S3 has gone.. Only lasted 1 week on the trader site. Sold for £18600.

So long chaps.. beerchug.gif When the wife has gone back to work I will promise to return with a new <font color="red"> S </font> Audi. For now I will have to make do with my replacement(cheap) car, 1999 A4 2.8 quattro. What can I say, its got four doors !! suicide.gif

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