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Aircon/Econ probs


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Hello all,

I have had a problem with my aircon being noisy for a couple of months, it does work but makes horrid noises, my fix for this problem was to switch it off grin.gif, but now we have had slightly cooler weather its time for heat and the heater is making rather annoying noises also! ROLLEY~14.GIF There's also a vibration that i can feel through the peddles, does anyone have any ideas what the problem may be?


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I have a similar issue, have posted a couple of times with no decent responses. My car is a Passat '99 SE. When the aircon is running, I can hear the compressor/motor running quite loud inside the cabin. I also get the vibration in the pedals.

Recently it has developed the problem that was mentioned in the R32 forum, that the main radiator fan comes on regularly when idling, even in fairly cool weather.

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My friend has the problem & believes it is the motor thing, I think it is the fans but he is too lazy (worried ?) to open the bonnet to have a look ! Here is the TSN thread about them - Coolant Light of Doom & here is the thread on ukmkIVs with an adaptation fanfix

It is worth reading it all as they are easy to diagnose also a lot of people have been getting goodwill support from VAG



PS I don't think my fans have ever worked so will be going in under warranty soon !

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Possibly it could the balance clips on the blower motor have came off or out of position and caused the motors fan to become unbalecned causing a vibration/booming when the blower motor is switched on.

Have had serval cases at work, but normaly on 9n polos and 3b passats not 1j golfs. confused.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

its not a constant noise it tends to start after the aircon has been running a while, i can't describe the noise but its not a booming, i think i'll just have to take it in and hope for the best 169144-ok.gif

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