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DSG j-turns


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Strange question I know, but I'm looking at recieving some very basic evasive driving tuition and was wondering if j-turns would be possible in a DSG box? I guess they'd be theoretically possible, but does anyone know if it's likely to cause any damage to the box?

If anyone has experience of j-turns and such in any auto then that's be great, thanks 169144-ok.gif

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The Carlimits activity day slalom course was interesting - it's really difficult to do a handbrake turn (into a garage slot) and then reverse out into a second garage and then go into forward to do a second run of cones.

The DSG box takes an absolute age to go from S to R, and then from R to S

Deffo a manual for the getaway FIREdevil.gif

Deffo DSG for everyday road driving however 169144-ok.gif

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