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Mazda Renesis Challenge


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I was lucky enough to attend the Mazda Renesis Challenge in Edinburgh yesterday. I got to drive the new RX-8 PZ and the new MX-5 and got a passenger ride in the 6 MPS.

The RX-8 PZ was driven on a nice little circuit. There was no nanny sat next to you telling you to slow down either, in fact the instructor was encouraging people to really push it.

Drove the MX-5 (2.0l Sport model) around a small handling circuit against the clock, and then on a handbrake turn area (soaked with water/mud!) which was great fun. It certainly seems like a fizzy little fun car from the small experience I had in it.

Also was taken on a passenger ride around a handling circuit in the PZ with the driver executing numerous power drifts through the corners. Also taken in a Mazda 6 MPS in which the driver demonstrated the J-turn manouver

All in all a really fun day - especially as it was fantastic weather up in Scotland yesterday. Topped off by a fantastic journey home - 2 hours door to door from Edinburgh to North West London!

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