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Alloy wheel repair - Cambridgeshire?


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Just bought a new A4 S-Line 2.0 TDi and bloody delighted with it. However, not so delighted in my missus just kerbing it and scraping the alloys on one side a matter of days after buying it.

Question is could anyone offer advise on a alloy repairer/refurbisher or even if Audi will be able to handle it?



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I got quoted £75 plus VAT from my local dealer.

I then called chips away and they quoted £45 inc for one wheel. I had both the front done and very pleased with the result. However it does depend how bad the wheel is, if it is just surface scratches where its caught the kerb then i'd recommend them. If its damaged where a chunk has been taken out of the rim then you may want the whole wheel done by some specialist.

This has been discussed in the forum many time just do a search for it.

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I got my tyres replaced on Saturday and this place will repair/refurb wheels. Although they send them off to get done, so you would be without for 3-4 days. Not sure on the cost either.. sorry.

Cambridge Performance Tyres Ltd

53 Clifton Rd

Cambridge CB1 7ED

Tel. 01223 411441

I was quite happy with them, they did a deal on some Dunlop Sports Max for me, worked out about £30 a tyre cheaper.

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I did exactly the same on my week old S-Line mad.gif didn't bother getting it fixed as I mnanaged to find an unused OEM wheel and tyre on eBay and bought that. Swapped the scraped one over to replace the spacesaver spare instead.

If you don't mind travelling, you could try Pristine Wheels at Milton Keynes, they'll loan you some alloys whilst your wheel is done Pristine Website. I used them on a set of 4 alloys on my old A4 and they were really good.

ALternatively, you could try Wicked Wheels. They'll come to you. I've heard some good things but they are a franchise outfit, so some might be better than others. Wicked Wheels website

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