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CSL + sounds and nav


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Ok as promised I have taken some pics. I cant take the door apart im afraid to show the speakers but I can try to show you the rest. If anyone is interested in any different pictures I have forgotten don't hesitate to ask and Ill see if I can snap it.

For those who don't know what I had done:

Alcantara to dash

To modify radio aperture, move information panel down and install Pioneer AVIC-HD1BT with iPod lead

Morel Dotech 6 at the front

Morel Pulse 6 coaxial to rear

Dynamat to front doors

Road Pilot

Genesis Amp

Ok the good news is this system has made my car complete. It is now my ultimate road car. Put it this way, the next M3 is going to have to be pretty special to make me want to change now. I cant stop blasting about in it listing to the Scissor Sisters new album. Fecking fantastic. However I know it could do with a sub. I think my system now has trouble going below the 50htz range? But the point it if I do that, the car could get prone to rattling and it will just take up all that extra space. Im reluctant but I will mull it over...

One problem. The bluetooth phone can only make calls. For some reason receiving is a problem? Before I have a chance to answer it cuts off? Also the phone is supposed to transfer all the numbers over automatically. It hasnt! Now I was told by AutoAudio its because my phone needs a software update, but im not so sure. I have fleet on the case anyway finding out what can be done...






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Ill take a proper pic. Climb in the back so you can see the full picture. Im very pleased with it. All apart from the bloody phone...! I have to do Manchester and back in a day the Friday after next. That will be my first long drive in the CSL so it will be interesting to see how the see how it all stacks up on the long term..

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