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Purple Recaro Bucket Seats


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Welcome to tyresmoke.

There were a limited number of cars made from factory with this option - I think each dealer had to have one, and you had silver with purple trim or purple with silver trim (Think thats right) and on this model it was standard.

Otherwise recaros were an expensive option and the purple leather would haev been even more expensive.

Some of tehse I saw also had the Audi body kit fitted.

For more specific info check out the tt forum at www.ttforum.co.uk

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Have taken delivery of the car today, it has the ABT front spoiler, rear spoiler, side skirts and exhaust system. It seems to increase the revs when you change gear at about 4000rpm rather than at the limitter, should i fit a dump valve or is this just something i'll notice having driven diesel cars for 4 years or so? what a car though! the bose stereo is fantastic!

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Bose is very good - I have a Sony MEX-5DI headunit that I had in my Bose Equiped TTr and its fab - nice TFT screen, MP3 capable plus Memory stick slot... COuld be tempted to part with it....

You can change the dump vlave - they are recirc types on the TT so you wont ever get much noise from it - I had a Forge item fitted (http://www.forgemotorsport.co.uk/), but I think the OEM parts are far more reliable now than they used to be.

Pics of mine here, also had uprated brakes and front mount intercooler:


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I would stick with the stock one and just get a new one. They actually work well and are pretty cheap plus you dont get that truck style pssssss after each change.

The revs are held up by the ecu and map, not the dv but a trip to Amd for a re chip is probably worthwhile if you want to change the characteristics.


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