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Anyone got a MkV with Leather Recaros?


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I dont even have my R32 yet ! but it will just have the non recaro leather seats. I has a test drive in an R32 with cloth recaros and I found them unconfortable, this may be because I am far to fat but I think it was because I am short (5 foot 4), I had trouble with the way that they pressed on my shoulders.

Interested in why are you asking?


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I have

[/ QUOTE ]


Could you do me a favour, I'm slightly annoyed at the stealer openfire.gif

Under the seat there is a plastic cover at the front on the floor which covers the wiring for the heated bits. I found it was missing on my motor and the dealer cannot find the part number! Could you have a look to see if there is a part number on it. I've got some pics of what I'm on about if you PM your e-mail address.

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