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Hello from newbie


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Hi everyone,

I've just got myself a 3.7 quattro sport. I started looking at Golf diesels and ended up with one of these things! My weekend toy is a 996 C2, so wanted something else to do the higher mileage/commuting in. My missis hasn't quite forgiven me yet, but she does seem to like the A8!

Audi/VW diesels are silly money, so soon started looking at better value options. Found a pristine 3.7, W reg with 108,000 miiles on the clock (mainly motorway miles), FSH etc. I paid £7k for this car, and can't beleive what good value they are. It is so well engineered.

A few questions:

- Although mine has 108k on the clock, I understand they will do high mileages easily if maintained properly. What are peoples experience?

- What do people use to wax/polish their cars (does the aluminium make any difference?)? The chrome strips are a little cloudy. How do you get them shining again?

- What mpg do people get out of their cars - around town and motorway cruising?

- Are there any particular weak spots/things to keep an eye on?

- Did my model come with the BOSE sound as standard? If not, how do you tell?

- I've found a good independent Audi specialist for servicing (which is how I service my 911), but what do people pay for tyres, exhausts, brake pads/disks etc?

Any other tips greatfully recieved.



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Hi Dean and welcom to Tyresmoke 169144-ok.gif

Weak spots include gearboxs, my S8 is in the dealers now getting it's 3rd in two months ROLLEY~14.GIF(it's a long story)

They will do mega miles if looked after in the right way.

If you have bose then it will say bose on the speaker covers in the door and rear parcel shelf. Do you have sat nav +?

As for the brakes I don't know as mine came as standard with Brembos.

Exhaust, get a Milltek for it, it's only cat back but the sound it great.

Tyres, buy the set of 20" S lines that I'm selling and they come with FREE Michelin PS2's coffee.gif

I get 18-19mpg on long runs and anywhere between 10-15 around town but again it's a S8 so......

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Thanks for the info.

Is it the same gearbox in all cars? I read somewhere that it was a Porsche design (it certainly works the same as a 911 tip).

I don't have Satnav (nor BOSE judging by your reply).

How much was the Milltek?

I've not done any long runs in it yet, but I'm getting 22 mpg around town with some short journeys thrown in.

I saw an S8 yesterday. sounded great at full throttle.

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Dean, where are you at?

The Milltek was £700 I think but I got it a good few years back for a 4.2 sport I had.

The S8 had the same gearbox but with different gear raitios.

I think I too read somewhere that it was a Porsche design.

If your around the West Midlands and you want someone to run Vagcom on your car give me a shout 169144-ok.gif

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welcome to the wonderfull world of Audi A8 ownership 169144-ok.gif

my only gripe is the car is so relaxing to drive i keep nodding off! 18 times now suicide.gif

strange about the Bose thing as my S8 has Bose on the rear speaker covers (but not the doors) & says Bose when i turn it on but i'm pretty sure there's no Amp in with my CD changer & satnav box?

it does sound good tho!

unless this means i need to go out & have a better look of course ROLLEY~14.GIF

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