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Probably a stupid question, but can you play .avi and/or .mpg files on these things? It would be nice to play these movies on Tv instead of my LCD screen. (I know you can do this with a S-VHS cable,but thus far I only managed to get my desktop on Tv, and that got old pretty soon...) grin.gif

I'm really lo-tech with this [censored] as you can tell... smirk.gif

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Thanks Guys! cool.gif I'll check it out. I hope there's one that can do it all, region free and able to play downloaded movies. The very best would be one that records as well, but the prices for recorders are still a bit steep. I might have to wait a bit, as the DVD players have dropped in price, so may the recorders in the (near) future.

At the other hand, an acqaintance recently bought a decent - region free - player for about €50,- Unfortunately they were sold out at warp speed... frown.gif

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