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Keyring and Umbrella


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Stokey get the salesman to ring VW retailer support, they know all about this and will give him a fax number, and all he has to do is request them and quote your chassis number.

My dealer has ordered the freebies for all his other R32's that he's had over the last year. He knew nothing about them until I told him. Guess they don't read the letters VW send them.

He also had to order me the R32 pen that comes with the handbooks. Someone "borrowed" it while the handbook was on his desk mad.gif.

Best of luck.

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Is this keyring and unbrella ones with the R32 logo or ones with VW logo on because my dealer who sold me mine has no idea confused.gif



[/ QUOTE ]

The keyring and umbrella both have the R32 logo on them. They are specific to the R32.

I didn't get mine until 6 weeks after I got my car, I had to inform my dealer that they should have ordered them - they didn't know anything about it.

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Hey Guys. This is my first post on the forum, even though I've been following it for weeks.

When ordering my R32 4 months ago I was obviously trying to haggle on the price - dealer wouldn't budge, so I turned my attention to getting free accessories; at which point my dealer mentioned that I would get a free Umbrella, Keyring AND Pen.

My car is now in the UK and I should hopefully have it by the end of the month, I'm soooo excited. <font color="blue"> </font> Anyway my point is that all these R32 goodies are available by request at no charge, however they must be ordered in addition to the car as they do not just turn up with it.

Hope this helps

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The dealer called to say the car was in & was being PDI'd, they then said that the Pen, Brolly & Keyring should be in when I come to collect. So the ordering thing could be right.

To be honest, I don't use the keyring, the pens ok but the brolley is a bit too small & naff. But then thats not why we've bought R32's is it!!


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