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Anybody have a MK4 Golf 1.6SE AZD Engine ?


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I have a Mk4 Golf 1.6SE AZD Engine.

2001, 60000 miles.

In the transition phase (when I remove my foot from the accelerator or place my foot on it) there is a fair amount of hesitation from the engine.

It jumps slightly when I put my foot down (as though the engine suddenly kicks in) and jumps to and fro slightly when I lift my foot.

I know it's normal for the car to jolt slightly if you suddenly jump on the accelerator after cruising but I am talking about very slight acceleration here.

I am talking about going around a bend for example, when one is neither braking nor accelerating.

It's whilst cruising that the problem is most noticeable.

Going from drive to overrun and vice-versa.

In fact it's quite difficult to drop the car into another gear without it jumping when drive is taken up. I have to try to slip the clutch both changing up and down and if the engine revs aren't perfect when I drop it in, the car jumps.

It's most noticeable when changing down - if I don't bring the revs up before dropping it in, the car jumps as though the engine is trying to resist increasing its revs but is then forced to as the clutch grips.

The EGR valve has been replaced as has the Throttle Body.

Nothing shows up on VW's diagnostics and they have been trying to convince me nothing is wrong. They are telling me that it's perfectly normal to have these symptoms with the AZD engine.

This has been going on for several months now and the car is still under warranty.

They are trying to wash their hands of it.

Any ideas please anybody?

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