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2001 Passat Keyless Entry


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Hello, I purchased a 2001 VW passat. It only came with one "switchblade remote key" and i obviously need a spare. I called the dealerships and they are quoting me about 180 bucks for the key and remote combo and then another 100 dollars for the programming i have called at least 3 in the area. I feel like 300 bucks is a rip off. I was looking on ebay that are cheaper and the dealership said they would cut the blank key for free... But my dilemma is what is this whole deal with microchip inside that has to be programmed.... I am really confused is it more than just honking the horn and doing a bunch of instructions....anywho. which is better getting one off the ebay or just deal with it and pay the insane amount for a key. they quoted me 165 for just the valet key... i might as well get the switchblade one... any suggestions would be highly appreciated!!

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