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335d coupe on the way...


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morning all.... sorry to barge in, am new to the bmw forums but been the audi ones every now and then... impulsively decided to switch from an A3 2.0T to a 335d coupe on friday.... car is in stock and collecting on wednesday!

used to have a 535d which was great, but was v impressed after a brief spin in the 335d coupe a couple of weeks ago in germany... must admit, i was slightly more impressed with the 335d than the 335i, but its a personal thing i guess...

anyway, the car is silver (probably not my first choice of colour, but the dealership was keen to hit sales targets so offered a reasonable deal)... but has the 19" style 230 wheels so hopefully will look stunning... haven't seen many on the roads, and not a single silver one yet...

will put some pics up once i've got the car... in the meantime, any views on the BMW Seal & Proctect service/product would be much appreciated... dealer has offered it for almost nothing, anyone have a strong reason NOT to take it ?

thanks in advance for any views!

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hi, understood and agreed!... a3 is still my favourite hatch back... will definitely miss the DSG transmission!!

am just hoping the ride on the bigger wheels is not too harsh... had a z4 a few years ago and it was teeth-shatteringly stiff...

funnily enough, my a3 was also a 2.0t s-line.. black on black which would have been my ideal colour choice on the new car... especially if carbon had been an option!

have a good w/e mate

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sorry - will get some pics up next week when i'm back... picked up the the car on wednesday and drove it 20 miles home... VERY glad i decided on the diesel... few initial thoughts below...


even if you aren't pushing above 2000rpm, the torque is amazing... definitely feels swifter than my old 535d... and the engine hasn't loosened up yet. Car definitely feels very sure-footed, nice weight on the steering wheel. hardly any wind/road noise, even at 70mph...


for anyone considering the 19-inch wheels - (a) they look stunning... (b) the ride is not too harsh, which had been my biggest worry... © road noise not too bad as per comment above


car looks great in silver... but i have to admit the rear bumper looks a bit bland especially compared to the rear apron on the 5-series M-Sport version... saw a black e92 in the showroom which looked incredible, will be interesting to see if any additional colours appear when the M-Sport edition comes out, always been a big fan of carbon black...


Nothing much to say... extended light package has some nice touches (eg. amber light in the door trim). rear legroom is slightly better than the e46 coupe and boot is bigger than i expected. fyi, asked the dealer about retro-fitting an ipod kit but was told bmw doesn't have one in the parts system for the e92 yet...??? seems odd as it should be the same as the e90?....

most importantly, can't wait to get back behind the wheel...

happy x-mas to all

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Congratulations on your new purchase. 169144-ok.gif

I have come from an A3 2.0T FSI S-Line to the 335i coupe and would never go back to an Audi, there's just no comparison.


[/ QUOTE ]

Hi ncr666, just wondering why you say 'no comparison'. I currently have a 2.0T A3 Quattro and am considering a 335d (probably saloon).



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ncr, I would seriously consider ditching the run flats mate, this will take it to another level completely. 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Not on the E92/E91/E90 it won't Guy. These newer BMW's were desgined from the ground up to have the latest run flat technology and work very well with the car in question. There is however a difference between the different brands and how good they are....

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