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Brabus and the German Polizei team up...


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.. well OK so its only a PR exercise. But look at what they have created.


Hows about fitting a Twin turbo V12 into a CLS a few tweaks here and there and bingo you have a 4 door saloon that's capable of doing 227mph. Want one ? well its yours for £235,178.

For that you get a heavily modified Mercedes V12 which starts life as a mere 5.5-litres in the S-Class. A revised crankshaft, wider cylinder-bore and larger pistons take the capacity up to 6.3 litres. Then, and only then, do the Brabus backroom boys add a couple of turbochargers, some hefty intercooling and a performance exhaust system to ramp up the power to a frankly silly 730bhp. Peak torque is 973lb/ft but in the interests of not turning the five-speed automatic gearbox into shrapnel, this is limited to a paltry 811lb/ft. So as well as that record breaking top speed, the Rocket will, erm, rocket to 62mph in 4.0 seconds.


Add in some 12-piston calipers grabbing onto some ceramic disks and it shouldn't be too hard to stop it either. A seriously purposeful front airdam reduces lift on the front axle as well as channeling enough air to that greedy engine while a vented bonnet helps release heat and pressure build up. Side skirts helps keep the airflow unruffled along the length of the car while a bootlid spoiler and diffuser keep the rear of the car stable and planted.

Discussed in the TSN forums here.


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