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P2P: Kazaa Lite connection probs


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Use KL ver 2.4.3 for the odd asian song etc.

I have found that following switching to Sky BB [with the router and all] and post reinstall to XPSP2 I cannot connect.

It just sits there "not connected".

I have been told Sky do not block any ports; so I wonder if the issue it:

KL++ is now down [unlikely]

There is a settign I need to tweak because of the router

There is something I need to tweak becauase of SP2???

Any clues please?

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I find that using P2P software is the fastest way to fill a PC with spyware and viruses, to get around this I use a cool FREE tool from Micro$oft (yes!) called Virtual PC 2007 you can build a completly isolated environment so that if you get infected you can delete it and go back to an earlier date, the entire system is contained in a single file. 169144-ok.gif All you have to do is make a copy of the file before you do something stupid then if it all goes wrong you don't have to rebuild your real PC.

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