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Have recently made a complaint to my local stealer. Won't go into it in detail as would be here all day (literally).

In short, they saw a lone female coming and totally underestimated her.

It's over a week now since i wrote to them. The letter was ccd to the servicing manager, the after sales manager and the dealership principal and i have so far heard nothing back. My car was in last Monday, where they tried, yet again, to pull a fast one. In short they had quoted me 6 hours labour for the job but because i had asked for a copy of a diagnostic report from before and after the job was carried out i found out it had actually taken 55 mins to complete! They clearly started to panic, the servicing manager refused to come and speak to me and eventually i was told that the dealership principal was now personally handling my case.

That said, i have still not heard anything. I am now in the process of writing my second letter regarding what happened last week. What i want to do is copy my first letter, and this second one, to VWUK but have no idea where this is. Can anyone advise?

The main issue is lying and the attempts to cover up when they have been clearly 'found out'. Had they held up their hands and apologised for the initial issue (fault re motor flap on Climatron, which had showed up on diagnostic while car still under warranty but which they chose to overlook) then i would have accepted it and maybe pushed for a free service. Now? I'm taking this as far as i can. Compensation is no longer important, exposing them for what they really are, is.

Your help would be appreciated


K (TRM's partner)

Will add that i have always gone to this stealer. Have had 3 Golfs off them (2.0 GTI, 1.8T and this one), baffled as to why they feel they can get away with this.

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Just want to add.....

Evidence wise i have all copies of the diagnostic reports, including where they have tried to erase the fault! I also have copies of the warranty invoice for the 6 hours labour and again, the copy where they have tried to cover up my quote with a post it!

They reluctantly handed me all this info last week when they realised they had been found out.

No-one who has seen this info can quite believe it. This is corruption to the max!

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Surely if it was in for warranty work, at no charge to you then the time booked for the work (which will be recharged to VW UK in MK)is not really your concern confused.gif

My understanding on warranty work is that VW have a rate book for each potential warranty issue and that they will only pay the rate book rate to dealers.

So say Vacom diagnostics issue is 2 hours, even if the dealer books 6-8 hours, 2 hours is all they will be paid 169144-ok.gif

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What i want to do is copy my first letter, and this second one, to VWUK but have no idea where this is. Can anyone advise?

[/ QUOTE ]

Volkswagen Group (UK) Ltd,

Yeomans Drive,


Milton Keynes,


MK14 5AN

Paul Willis is the current Head of VW UK.

Good Luck. 169144-ok.gif

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The job should have been done in April when the car was still under warranty. The warranty ran out in Oct and so the quote was made to me on the basis of it being a customer cash sale.

I was also told initially that the only way to replace this part was to dismantle the engine, thus needing the car for 2 days. I have since found out that they went in through the glove compartment!

As i said before, my issue is with all the lying and deceit. I can't trust them anymore. I don't actally care about what they bill the warranty company. The job was only carried out under warranty (VW agreed to pay 60% in the end and the stealer had to honour the other 40% which they tried to get me to pay) because it should have been done in April when the falt was first found (and ignored).

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