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Get Riz some therapy


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Following on from Riz's useless attempts at meeting someone from the opposite sex, never mind shagging any of them, I suggest we start at the basics and try and offer the young mucker some alternative therapy to try and resolve his issues, so anyone out there with theraputic powers, start giving him some guidance.

I suggest he visits his GP for starters, all sorts of help groups there.

Links to websites (no WW please) would also benefit the poor boy.

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This one from one of the links above made me laugh:

"Getting into a relationship is kind of like getting into law school. Choose about 5 HYS prospects, 5 CCN, and about 5 lower T14s. Then apply as early in the application cycle as possible. Your personal appearance is your LSAT score and your personality is your GPA. Even with a TTT personality you can still get into CCN if you have a 175+ appearance. If you have a mediocre personal appearance, just be sure to work on your personality. Even with a really low LSAT you can still get into Boalt. But if your GPA and LSAT are both mediocre, then you can try GULC PT or maybe Fordham PT. Then maybe these PTers will bloom into T14 schools over time (but the chances of this happening are about as good as the chances of getting a V20 job out of these schools).

If your GPA and LSAT are borderline, then the soft factors become much more important. Letters of Introduction from one of your prospect's friends could help.

If you are reading this and realizing that you have a TTT LSAT, TTT GPA, and TTT soft factors, then maybe you should consider something else--women over fifty have low standards. Either way, it may make you feel better to know that even HYS is pwned by a 22-year old banker."


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Escape has only just opened so I don't know what it's like. But I think it's probably fair to say that it will offer exactly the right kind of therapy I'm proposing.

Riz - Am I understanding you correctly? You bought your car in a nightclub?

[/ QUOTE ]Nooooo bought my car from a chap near Marks Tey. Or is that somewhere else.

Riz confused.gif

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