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Buying an R32 - Advice Required


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I'm looking at some R32's this week and a quick question for you guys.

Now the car I'm most interested has done 45k and has only 2 stamps in the book? I've been told that the R32's have a long life service which is every 20k? I used to have a V5 and that was every 10k so how does the 3.2 v6 require less maintenance?

Now any other things I need to be looking out for? Are there any common faults that I should be looking out for?

It is a 2003 03 plater - Are the Mk4 R32's all the same or did the later models get any updates?

Any help would be so very much appreciated!


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Time/distance servicing lets you go upto 2 years between services, so it's quite possible for the car to have only had 2 services without anything being untoward.

At the moment, he only thing that I can think of which changed with the later MKIVs was the addition of lumbar adjustment on the seats.

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i'm on my 2nd service book really depends on the owner i guess 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Certainly does...

I like the oil changed a lot more regularly than you can get away with according to the service intervals.

If you follow the service regime to the letter though, you can go 2 years between services and still be following the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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