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Wi-Fi range problem...


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New laptop arrived yesterday, and it's lovely.

Thing is, my front room is downstairs at the front and my wi-fi router is upstairs at the very back of the extension on the back of the house, hardwired to the cable modem and the PC.

Can't maintain a connection when sitting in the front room on the laptop. frown.gif

How can I improve the situation without a) having ethernet cables all over the house b) continuing to use the neighbour's unsecured AP c) spending too much?


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I got a booster for mine. I could get a signal everywhere but it wasn't the strongest. Now its almost the same all over the house.

This one > Hawking Antenna

I did impove things for me.. it says its omni-directional but I found that pointing it up to the office from downstairs did help loads.

Get netstumbler and walkround with that it will show if there are any differences. 169144-ok.gif

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It might depend on the kit you are using but it does with my Netgear.

Install netstumbler and put it on the view that shows the strength of the wireless signal for your hotspot and then change the channels but nothing else and see if it goes up or down. I did and there was quite an improvement. But !! make sure what ever you do its at least 1 clear channel from anything else your neighbours might be using and certainly don't sit on the same channel. 169144-ok.gif (You can see the channels other people are using in netstumbler. beerchug.gif)

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