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MkV R32 towbar?


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Had posted this in the Aussie Vortex forums, but thought I would check out if anyone back in the UK had experience of this...

Looking into possibly buying a jet ski, and thought I should start with the obvious question... can the MkV R32 have a tow bar fitted? Just thinking of the centre exit exhausts...

The car will never tow anything more than the jetski on trailor.

Any ideas?

The R32 brochure has 'TBA' for the trailor towing limits

Cheers beerchug.gif

These pics may help;

A3 3.2 Underside view (similar platform)


Pic of the rear underside of an R32


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VW would never sell or develop a tow bar for the mkV R32 as it's practically impossible to have one fitted to the current design safely as the exhaust and the bumper get in the way.

...However! I suspect that its quite likely you could remove and modify the rear bumper and fabricate/weld a tow bar which passes through a square hole where the rear number plate sits, as a few have done to the mkIV Golf.

Wouldn't like to tow a twin axle caravan that way though!

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