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Surreal experience


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Yesterday, on the A404 Marlow Hill out of High Wycombe, on a straight uphill dual carriageway that is subject to a 30 limit that the local authority has admitted is unreasonable and stated that they will raise to 40, guess what I saw?

Yes, a scamera van. sportifs2.gif

And, what was in front of me?

Yes, a car with such severe damage to its windscreen that it was virtually opaque, clearly unroadworthy, and clearly an MOT fail. Any guesses whether the staff of the "safety" van did anything about the clearly unsafe car that was driving past them?

Road Safety Priorities? They can go 123576-assfeck.gif themselves....

Rant over.... coffee.gif

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I know exactly the peice of road that you are talking about patently. They have been talking about upping that limit for years as it is quite pathetic.

I think this is a classic case of "it's not my department" thinking. The Scamera vans have no remit to tackle people in unroadworthy cars, just speeders. Quite pathetic if you ask me smashfreakB.gif

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