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Audi did a TSB on this & it cured mine & a few others I know of.

The problem was linked to the connector plug between the door and the car body which you can see when you open the door, too much grease had been used in the plug & it needed cleaning out.

The rubber housing pulls out where it meets the car body A-Pillar (squeeze together). Once you remove this housing it reveals just one connector plug, unplug this connector you will have a male & female end & on mine the female end was full of grease I cleaned it out and have had no problems since

TSB: 910513

Audio System - Door Speakers Intermittently Inoperative

Group: 91

Number: 05-13

Date: Sept. 8, 2005


Door Speakers, Intermittently Inoperative


See Table 2002 > 2004


Sound from door speakers in one door intermittently stops operating.

This condition may occur while driving (especially on rough road) or in cold weather when opening/closing the doors.

This condition may be corrected by increasing radio volume.

May be caused by intermittent electrical contact of door speaker wiring harness terminals due to grease in electrical connector at A-Pillar.

- Disconnect door electrical connector. Clean door connector using one of the following methods.

- Wipe away grease with towel.

- Remove grease using suitable solvent

- Blow out connector with air pressure.

- Connect door connector and assure proper wiring and harness end connection.

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