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Glasgow Audi Stealers?

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My '05 plate A6 2.0 TDi is just about due its 2nd AVS and I wondered if anyone has used Glasgow Audi, and what the view was on costs?

Given some of the comments on the forums regarding the chances of Audi UK honouring any warranty claims if I get my servicing done at a local independent specialist, it'd be useful if some of you guys out there could offer advice.

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Can't comment on warranty work having never bought a new car before, but under new EU ruling, all stealers must honour warranty claims regardless of where the car has been serviced, so long as parts of OEM quality and standards have been used. Manufacturers servicing guidelines must also be followed.

Where exactly are you? Plenty of good VW/Audi specialists in and around Glasgow have been discussed here in the past.

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There was an opinion expressed on one of the other threads that Audi dealers would be "unlikely" to honour warranty claims if the car hadn't been serviced within the dealer network. I'm aware of the EU block exeption ruling, but hadn't heard if anyone had successfully challenged it yet.

I'm on the southside of Glasgow - there's a local garage that are advertising the fact that they now employ an Audi-certified mechanic with 17 years experience. They also specialise in Mercs - friend has used them and rates them. Was it yourself that posted about a place in Kirkintilloch? A bit out of the way for me, but might be worth it to get the right service.

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