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Car sold - Advice needed

Chelsea Mick

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I agreed a the sale of my ST220 on 6th November.

What with both parties working shifts, transfer of personal plate etc., my buyer picked up the car yesterday afternoon.

He has just phoned me saying that there is no drive.

The car starts and he can select a gear but the car won't move making a grinding noise.

To my knowledge there was nothing wrong with it prior to selling it.

I have never had any probelms with it in my 8 months of ownership apart from a split drive shaft gaiter which I had replaced.

Now while I feel partially guilty that this has happened the day after he picked it up, am I liable for any thing from this day on?

Has he a case for asking for a refund?

Can he make a claim for any costs rectifing the problem?

I must add that he has said that he doesn't hold me responsible and his phone call just now was to find out if there had been any previous problems with it.

He is a really nice bloke (and he is a policeman, not that that has anything to do with it).

I don't want him to feel that I have punted the car on with the knowledge that there was a fault with the car. It was a genuine sale as far as I am concerned.

The car is 1 month out of warranty

Any advise/thoughts would be appreciated.

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You obviously drafted two copies of some kind of receipt, one for the seller, one for the buyer. What did it say?? Anything added in your receipt such as 'sold as seen' or 'seller expressly disclaims all warranties, either expressed or implied'?

Pretty sure he will have no come back through the courts. Just tough luck. Hopefully just a snapped clutch cable.


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Could it be the clutch?

And also, presumeably he drove it to his place with no problems?

How far is he away from you? Is it worth you goin there to show concern?

Get it to a Ford garage first off. I suppose

The other goodwill thing you can do is offer to pay 20% of the costs of repair IF Ford don't help you out as the car is just out of warranty. Obviously depends on how you feel about it as to the amount you offer.

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I would advise him to speak with Ford to see if they will do any sort of "goodwill" thing for him.

You just don't know what he's done with the car since collecting it, no matter how short a time.

Appreciate you feel concerned and want to help if possible, but there's not a huge amount you can do


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As others have said its sold as seen. He got it home so he knows what it was like when he collected it.

How do you know what has done with it since you sold it to him ? You don't so why should you be liable for it. I'd be careful about offering any liability to the situation to be honest. Advise him that it was sold as described and was in perfect working order when you sold it to him and you can't be held accountable for whats happened post sale but it might be worth him speaking to Ford.

Oh and note everything that goes on dialogue time from now forward just in case.

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Thanks guys...

I drove it Saturday to Watford and he drove it back to Birmingham Sunday and even text me to say how good it drove. He drove it today to Wiltshire and 2 miles back from home is when the probelm occured.

I have spoken with him again a couple of times since the first post.

He has got it home by towing it and had a look underneath.

It appears that it is the nearside drive shaft. He is (like me) not a mechanic but he can move the nearside driveshaft but not the drivers side.

As I said previously, the drive shaft boot gaiter eas relaced in November on the nearside so it would appear that it could be related to this work.

My buyer is in Birmingham and I'm in Essex where the work was carried out so distance is a problem.

Obviously I did give him a reciept but didn't write "sold as seen" on it as I was told ages ago it makes little difference if any.

He's gonna let me know how he gets on tomorrow.

I did mention to him that it might be worth taking some pictures if possible

He is getting it recovered to a local garage tomorrow.

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I know Ford had (and I imagine still has) a 'contribution matrix' which applies to repairs outside the warranty period (my dad was a manager with Ford before he retired).

If it's something reasonably major, they'll make a contribution towards the repair. I think it's something like 85% for a car that's up to 1 month outside the warranty expiry date - provided the mileage is within the limits for the warranty period. The contribution obviously decreases with time/mileage.

To comment on what you actually asked though: no, he doesn't have any legal comeback on you; it's caveat emptor as far as private sales are concerned. Although like you, I'm sure most people would feel bad about selling a car that went wrong so quickly. crazy.gif

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I had a problem with my A6 avant aftr I sold it, two days later the guy called saying it wouldn't start, he was local so I went over and jumped it and thought he must have left the lights on or something.

Then 3 days later he called again, I said to take it in to Audi and get them to diagnose what was wrong, this cost me £100 and audi came back saying it was something on the radio loom that was causing it. I had retrofitted the nav and presumed I had done some thing wrong, took it all apart and found nothing, so thought it must have been the battery, so bought him a new battery, a week later he called and said it was dead again. Turned out it was a phone kit fitted by the original Audi dealer!! Found it behind teh glovebox and removed it, problem solved.

In the end it cost me £200, but the guy was chuffed to bits I was getting it sorted for him and because he could see I was trying didn't start to kick up a fuss, I would call Ford and have a word with them, get the guy to take it into his local ford dealers to see what they think and then try and get Ford to pay, I bet they offer to cover parts and 50% labour, if not more, at that point agree to go halves of something??

But take it to a Ford dealership, they will diagnose the problem and you may get it all paid for.

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Mick, if you are going to suggest to him to take it to a Ford dealer, ask him avoid Bristol St Motors, they are a pile of dung.gif and highly unlikely to entertain a warranty claim!, better of trying Chambers Ford of Sutton (Sutton Coldfield, B'ham), a family owned dealership who seem to care more

(above details are based on servicing/warranty work i've had done to the different fords I/the family own over the yaers)

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Well it looks as though it might turn out alright in the end.

Have spoken to my buyer and the ST has been in the garage.

It appears that the work I had done by my local garage to replace the nearside cv boot gaiter, they used the wrong retaining clip and the drive shaft popped out when it went round a right hand corner.

It's looking very hopeful that the drive shaft, allthough slightly damaged, will be popped back into place using the correct retaining clip.

Shouldn't cost my buyer anymore than the price of the clip and some labour.

Got some photos to show to my local garage and the opinion of the mechanic at my buyers garage to see what they have to say..

Thanks for all your comments guys 169144-ok.gif

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The drive shaft popped out on the nearside the end closest to the road wheel.

There is a groove around the drive shaft that retaining clip sits in. There is also a groove on the inside of the wheel hub where the drive shaft is situated.

Now if this clip is the wrong type (which is true in this case), when you turn the steering on full lock to the right, this will put strain on the cv joint. As the retaining clip was the wrong type it didn't hold the drive shaft in the hub correctly.

Here is the drive shaft out of the hub.



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