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Sharm-el-Sheikh in mid January


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Hi water folks,

I've been diving in Sharm a couple of times before but never in January.

Heading off with Mrs R32 who will be doing her 4 OW dives for PADI cert this coming January.

Wondering if any divers out there have experience of Naama Bay this time of year, and more importantly what's the water temp/viz like?

Cheers! 169144-ok.gif

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OOoooh yes grin.gif

Vis is fantastic at this time of year and the sites are not too busy.

Water temp is, according to my logs, about 23-24deg. Depends on your personal comfort levels on what suit is needed for that environment.

If I was diving every day for a week I'd take a dry suit grin.gif but then again I'm a wimp in cold water.

Most people use a 5mm full suit or semi-dry for that temp.

It's a great time of year to go. The only downside is it gets dark early so your back at the jetty for 16:00 or so.

Where are you staying?

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Full 3mm, for me, would be too cold. I'd end up focusing on being cold rather than on enjoying the diving.

Nice Hotel 169144-ok.gif

Erm.. new places. Well, the Curry House by the beach is shite so don't bother with that. Bars - The Tavern is probably my favorite if you want a proper night out. Best night is usually the day before flying home as people let go a bit more grin.gif

If you go up to where the old taxi rank was it's up the road opposite (on right if you're facing up the road with taxi rank on the left).

China House at Naama bay was shocking last time we were there. Shame as the food was usually fantastic.

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Well back safe and sound after 7 days away.

Managed 8 dives spread over 4 days.

Water temp was 22C - 24C, I was comfortable enough in a 3mm with a hooded 5mm shortie on top of that.

A normal 5mm would be fine.

The weather was great, blue skies and warm sunshine every day. At least 21C from 11am till 4pm as well.

Night time required a fleece or denim jacket, but there were plenty of folks walking round in t-shirts still.

Nice to be back in time for the cold-snap frown.gif

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