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Possible clutch woes


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The last few times I have parked up - I have noticed a smell of clutch from the car.

This is strange, as I have never felt it slipping or anything like that ...

Anyway - does anyone know how much a new clutch will cost me - assuming a whiffy clutch equals a broken clutch ...

I hate this fecking car ... again ...

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I had a new DMF fitted in May last year - so wouldn't expect to have to replace that.

Interested to hear APS can do it for around the £500 mark. That would be worth the time off and a trip down.

It was my local specialist who reckoned on nearly a grand - which surprises me.

Why is it just smelling though. Why isn't it slipping or feeling wrong in any other way crazy.gif

I just don't get it!

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I just don't get it!

[/ QUOTE ]

No, I don't get that either. confused.gif

Normally you'd get the slip before the smell. I can't see how it can smell without slipping. After all, it's the slipping that burns the friction material and hence causes the smell.

It's definitely the clutch you can smell isn't it? I'm just wondering about a slightly sticking brake maybe? confused.gif

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I wonder to be honest.

I have been at work since 8.00am, so the car is cold (ish)

I have just started it and driven ¼ mile to one of our other building to pick up a load of presents that we collect for the Salvation Army.

After driving it back (again, no obvious slip etc) it is smelling again. A half a mile of driving and 5 minutes idling while I filled it with presents … ?

The smell is particularly obvious from behind the car, or by lifting the bonnet. The specialist yesterday suggested some form of contamination on the clutch plate, maybe even a fluid leak onto it.

Still, even if that is the case, then I’m still fecked – as we can’t even explore the problem without a big diagnostic bill.

Part of me thinks I should carry on driving and ignore the smell – and hope the dealer where I’m about to trade it in doesn’t either …

Cheap carefree motoring here I come frown.gif

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£600 - £700 odd sounds a bit more reasonable.

I am going to wait and see. Every instinct screams to get rid of the car - but I'm not prepared to lose as much money on it at the mo - and I don't really want to go back to something like the Furb!

The clutch feels no worse than it has always done - and it certainly dosent seem to be slipping - so we shall see.

I will lock a few hundred £ss away for the next few months just in case.

I will keep you all posted as things either change, or don't 169144-ok.gif

I wish I had never bought this car though ... frown.gif

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