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What sort of economy from A4 Avant 1.8T Sport


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Thinking of changing my 2.0 20v SE for a 1.8T Sport (apparently a 163hp version though with a 6-speed box I'd have thought it was 190bhp).

The 2.0 seems to give an overall fuel figure of around 34.8mpg or so according to DIS. What sort of figure would be realistic for the other engine I mention?



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On my 163hp (6 speed sport)... (they did some at the end of the B6 - is it a quattro? The 163hp and 6 speed weren't in production long I don't think. And I am sure the 6 speed was only on quattro cars.

Anyway, I get about 30mpg on the dot average. I drive 50 miles A1 and back to work every day and then town/country in the evenings and weekends. My average for the last few months is nearly bang on 30mpg


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I have a 190 quattro. Mine is about 34 on a long run, but at a reasonable rate - like 3 hours for 170 miles M4/M25 A1M /A11 ( if i pick the right time !)

I'm getting 28-30 general running about/work (9 miles each way) fair bit of queing but a bit of light steady driving inbetween.

I'm sure that there were 190 fwd models - we had a demo car before we bought and that was 190 fwd, dec 2003 era

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