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Anyone out there in Berkshire, Surrey or West Ldon


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Hi, I just bought a Golf gTI Turbo last thursday and to be honest with you, I'm a bit peed off! I've discovered a list of problems that I have no answers for?

If there's anyone out there that could help then please let me know.

Try these guys http://www.theautopool.co.uk/,Ive rung a couple of times to discus various problems Im having and they were very helpful.

I'll be using them for my next service/repairs,I think several people on here already use them 169144-ok.gif

Thanks frown.gif

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First problem is that, when I rev the engine from idle, when the revs come down they drop to 500 then back up to 950. Sometimes they start bouncing up and down by them selves also! been told to clean the Throttle Body!!??!!

Second proble: Starter motor makes a funny "goose noise" after it's started! appently, it just needs a clean!

Third problem: Battery was flat every morning! I've now sorted this thanks to a new Bosch battery from GSF car Parts, £47 later!

4th Problem: Apparently, this isn't a problem! Electric wing mirror switch controls both mirrors when set to RIGHT, and just the left mirror when set to LEFT! Like I said, i've just found out this is how they are!

So really, there's only 2 problems now! The Idle/Revs problem and the starter!

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