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Alarm Sensitivity


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I need to adjust the sensor(s) on our new GTi down a bit. I set the Golf's alarm off every time I start the TVR next to the Golf. Not good for neighbourly relations.

Obviously setting alarms off is a good thing in a TVR in a multistorey carpark (actually I think it is compulsory the_finger.gif), but our Golf is obviously a little too sensitive.

Any hints? Is there a vibration sensor? Is this part of the tilt 'dont tow me away' sensor?


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I think the problem is there is no way to adjust it.

All you can do is disable the internal sensor and the anti-towaway option, via the buttons on the drivers door pillar, before setting.

[/ QUOTE ]

As Mikemod says, use the button for the motion/tilt sensors just by the drivers door - has to be worth a test 169144-ok.gif

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