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after such a short space of time I would expect your dealer to authorise tail pipe replacement.

can't remember off the top of my head how much of the exhaust will have to be taken off.

before you do this, try some "Meguairs NXT metal polysh" or similar from Halfords etc.

if no good, keep arguing the point with the dealer - the brochures make a big deal about the twin tail pipes so they should naturally stay in a reasonable condition imho.


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I just discovered the same thing, after leaving mine in a car park for 10 days whilst on holiday. I'm hoping when I finally get a day where it's not (a) raining (b) snowing or © -3 degrees and I clean the thing, it'll polish out...

[/ QUOTE ]

Weve had plenty of days like that here lately so no excuses Ricewind !!! NONO3.GIF

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