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Where to mount the phone? (audi A4 avant)

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I'm thinking of getting a phone cradle from www.brodit.com for my N73 for when I'm using tomtom. There are 5 different mounting postition, either on the center vent, the right hand vent, the side of the radio or 2 different positions on the center console. Also dashmount do a bracket that fits down the side of the stereo as well. Any opinions and or recomendations would be greatly appreciated.



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I'm very impressed with the Brodit mounts. I have them for my phone and ipod.

I have my iPod mounted to the left of the radio and my phone over the centre vents.

There are some pictures of my iPod mount here.

I don't have a picture of the phone mount handy, but will up one later.

It's all down to personal preference and how comfortable you are looking/reaching to various points within the cabin. I find the aforementioned positions ideal for me. (I also run TomTom on my mobile phone.)

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znaika.gif You're prefectly entitled to your view, however, you're wrong!

grin.gif Heh, only joking. 169144-ok.gif

I take your point, however, the alternative is having them stick out from the windscreen, e.g. arm on a sucker, or from the centre console, e.g. like my iPod, and I think they get in the way and look untidy in that position.

My iPod mount is permanently loose and wonky as people keep knocking it when they get in and out of the passenger seat. SAUER0421.GIF But I still think it's the best place for it. I just need to educate people on how to enter/depart from my vehicle. smashfreakB.gif

One of the reasons I chose the centre vent for my phone was that it can be mounted inbetween the two vents without effecting the air flow too much. Mounting on either of the (single) side vents would have caused more of a blockage and my iPod was already in the remaining possible position (imo).

But like I said, I don't think there are really any right or wrongs, just personal preference. 169144-ok.gif

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