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The fastest car in the world...


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Just no disputing it is there now?....how did those new brakes cope in reducing speed from that spirited drive? blush.giflaugh.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

....Well, as you can see - Those brakes I've been going on about, stopped me from 447 mph to 40 mph in a matter of only a few yards! grin.gif

Sorry the pic is a little blurred but at that speed it's tricky taking pics, especially under heavy braking!



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No, it's mph. Look carefully.

Then note that he has trees either side. This can set up a "canyon effect" for GPS receivers in which they can only see satellites along the line parallel to the direction of travel. This reduces the accuracy of the position data, and can give rise to weird variations in the reported speed as the system tries to correct the position.

Try the A404 northbound towards junction 4 of the M40. Same effect there. It also applies between buildings, such as in my office car park where RA reported the 267mph despite the fact that I was stationary with a wall 18" in front of the car.

Either that or my stopping distance is truly amazing.

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What happened to me was that as I was approaching a 40 limit I naturally checked my speed and saw 90-something on the Road Angel! And regardless of my real speed, the RA kept increasing its speed readout. So I naturally thought this was too good an opportunity not to photograph and post for a laugh.

I was only a few miles from my destination and it didn't stop misbehaving until I started up the car again to drive home.

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