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[Audi A3/S3] New S3 mpg?


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Hi all,

just wondering how the new S3 owners are enjoying thier cars smile.gif

what kind of mpg are you lot managing in the new car?

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Loving every mile, its not been since my old S3 in 2000 and the Seat Leeon Cupra R in 2003 that I have actually wanted to go driving. The other 2 cars the A4 S-Line and the A4 3.0 Cabrio sport were nice to drive but didn't make me want to drive them.

I do mostly town driving and the engine is tight with only 600 miles on the clock but its averaging about 22MPG. Didn't expect much more as the urban fugure is listed at 23 MPG. Extra urban is listed as 39, yeah right crazy.gif and combined 31 !



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