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S-line grill


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Hi all,

Recently a stone or similar size object hit the grill on my A4 s-line and broke one of the horizontal bars beneath the bumper. It's only about an inch long, but it's annoying me.

The most obvious answer would be to get a new grill, but this will cost a fortune and as it's only a small section that's broken I was hoping to find a scap grill somewhere, cut this piece out and glue it onto mine.

I've tried my local dealer to see if they had any in the skip, but they weren't too helpful. I've not bothered lookign at breakers yards as they'll try and sell me the full grill (although it will be cheaper than a new part).

Does anyone know where I can get a small section of grill from?

Thanks and merry christmas beerchug.gif

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With all due respect; I think you are totally wasting time and effort going down the route you are suggesting. You can buy a pair of drive on ramps and have the Bumper off/on again within 2 hours. The bumper is easy (but time consuming) to remove and refit and a new grille is only about £100.00

If its any help I've got two Used S-line grilles at the moment. One normal one and one Optics (black) one. Drop me a PM if you want one on the cheap.

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