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It's been a while since I've been here, but I'm at that expensive time of year where lots of car bills come at once...

1) 12 Months Tax

2) 3rd AVS

3) 2 new tyres (should be 3!)

The first isn't too bad, £135 for the soot chucker.

I've been quoted £280 for the 3rd AVS from Peterborough Audi (which is now booked in for the 5th of Jan), though I'm not sure if that's a reasonable price or not?!?

The third bill has been done and paid for. Two new Goodyear F1 GSD3's. I have to say that I've been impressed with the Goodyears since I owned the car (it came with them, including the spare!). So to keep all the tyres the same, I started looking around at costs. The cheapest place I could find was eTyres at £101 each which included VAT, mobile fitting, valves, disposal etc... everthing!

So... all booked in and paid for late on Tuesday afternoon, quickly followed by a call from eTyres to say they had the boots in stock, but it would have to be Thr between 10:30 and 12:30.

Thursday at 12:00 the guy was at my work address with an 06 plate Transit full of professional grade garage stuff. The guy (Howard I think) was very polite and got straight on with the job.

30 mins later, all done... signed the form and that's it. I have to say that I'm very pleased with eTyres, and the prices are very good (KwikFit wanted £125 per tyre!).

Well recommended 169144-ok.gif

Oh... and the reason I said it should be 3 tyres, is because I have a very small lump in the sidewall of my NS rear tyre. However, it's still got a good 6/7mm of tread left, so I'm reluctant to change it... what do you think (silly/okay)?!

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Oh... and the reason I said it should be 3 tyres, is because I have a very small lump in the sidewall of my NS rear tyre. However, it's still got a good 6/7mm of tread left, so I'm reluctant to change it... what do you think (silly/okay)?!

[/ QUOTE ]

I would get it changed.. Quote from http://www.motuk.co.uk/manual_410.htm

a tyre has a lump, bulge or tear caused by separation or partial failure of its structure. This includes any lifting of the tread rubber

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I would get it changed better to be safe than sorry! A while ago I had a set of tyres that the tread went funny on and my local fitter sent them back to the manufacturer to on the off chance they would admit to a fault in them. As luck would have it they did not admit fault but honoured a percentage of discount on a new set in realtion to wear on tyres as a good will gesture. May be worth seeing if etyres will do the same for you?

That price is not too bad for the service. As a guide I got my 4th avs done at Yeovil Audi and a brake fluid change for 290 all in, Poole audi wanted 460 for the same service so defo worth trying different dealers. I was always under the impression they would always charge the same but they dont. IIRC They all charge the same for parts, just the labour that is variable.

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Hmm... Looks like I'd better get the tyre sorted! I suppose I could swap the lumpy one with the spare for now.

I asked Boston Audi for a quote too, but they suprisingly came in at the same price (they're usually cheaper). Other than Boston and Peterborugh, Vindis Audi at Huntingdon are supposed to be good (and reasonably cheap), but it's long way to go for me!

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Yup, eTyres were top drawer for me. Changed all 4 crappy Contis for GSD3s for under 400 quid.

Bad news is, that after 10 or so years of happy motoring with no punctures (mostly on dodgy remoulds as a student!), luck finally caught up with me. Being the time of year it is, needed it to be fixed then and there. So, went to the nearest Kwik Fit to get it sorted. Except it was on the shoulder so no go on a fix. Kwik Fit had none in stock, but managed to scour SW London for one yesterday. B'stards tried to charge me £150. I pointed out that eTyres charged £101.90, and the bloke said 'Oh, alright then'. Easiest 50 quid I ever made! Wished I'd asked for more off now!

Still, it hurt throwing away a month old tyre. Wish I'd ragged it a bit more now... grin.gif

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I'd definately give eTyres a go. 169144-ok.gif

They also have a good tyre-test page here.

As for independant VAG specialist, I haven't come across one near the Peterborough area yet. Saying that, I've still got 6 months of warranty left on the car, so it's still getting serviced at the stealers for now. The nearest one i'd presume is Inde-Tech at MK.

There is of course Jabbasport (Crowland), but they're mainly tuners. They do say on the website that they can do regular servicing though? Has anyone here tried them for servicing?


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